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So, out of one breath you say everyone is entitled to her opinion but then you attempt to tell me go be appalled somewhere else. Then again I correctly predicted last year's election, so we'll see.

(NT) -- we will see., 12/20/17 Wed Im no fan but her track record is pretty good.

She is a fighter as well, fearless, my goodness this is an amazing woman. She didn't sue because she wasn't happy with the results. People who weren't happy with the results leveled some allegations against her that they were never able to prove. She was wronged, she fought back and in the end it paid off. (NT) -- Danny-Boy, 12/17/17 Sun I am extremely appalled by this comment especially considering the looks of some contestants you've championed over the years.

Gorgeous, she is not just Miss USA ready she is ready for Miss Universe 2018 now. I understand why some people don't like her and never will. But that's precisely why I like her so much and will always be proud of her no matter what happens at Miss USA. Furthermore as the recipient of negative attention from jealous women who will lie and cheat out of their own insecurities I reject your synthesis of the situation. I'm an almost 40 year old southern women who knows the catty ways of jealous women.

To win the Miss Florida USA crown in two consecutive years of a very competitive state is a testament to her credit.

I congratulate her and think she will be competitive at Miss USA.

Genesis goes into Miss USA 2018 as the mega-favorite, all eyes will be on her come next May. She just one a very competitive and large state pageant TWICE IN A ROW! And now a favorite to win Miss USA next year whether you (all) believe it or not. (NT) -- :) not from PR or her mother in case I get jumped for that, 12/18/17 Mon YES!!! But not just Miss USA 2018 we are seeing potentially Miss Universe 2018 as well. I'm actually surprised she won, because I was expecting something stellar across the board, but clearly interview is her weakness.

(NT) -- La Realit DHier Ce La Realit DAujourd Hui, 12/18/17 Mon I dont see then how Genesis could be blocked by IMG.

They both love controversy and loved Harveys Pia/Ariadna debacle which really wasnt a debacle.

Many considered that the Pia/Ariadn Mistake was a great publicity stunt whether it was intentional or not.

In addition, Shapiro has a "thing" for black/biracial women with strong opinions such as his favorite spokesperson and friend , plus-size model Ashley Graham, who happens to be the co-host for the Miss USA and Miss Universe teleast. The Epic Goddess, 12/19/17 Tue While I like her, I do not think she fits the Miss USA prototype they have crowned the past 2 years. There goes Black Twitter, the most dominant force in social media today. She has the comeback story, the Hurricane Harvey story.

Like Ashley, Genesis is biracial so thats a good start and like Ashley she likes to speak her mind. Whats more, some people don't even recognize that IMG owns IMGModels NYC, which is not a bastion of good behavior nor IMG Sports for that matter. This epic reign is going to change IMG and MUO forever, this will be THE STANDARD to BEAT, Genesis Davila, Miss Florida USA 2018 and soon to be Miss USA 2018 and top 3 in Miss Universe 2018 if not Miss Universe 2018 herself! While I do not think DC will win again or another black girl for that matter, Genesis does not have the story the previous winners have. Oh this woman has a story and you are behind the curve if you think just because her story is different from Kara's whose was different from Deshauna's is going to matter.

IMG also represents a whole bunch of controversial writers in their Literary/Spokesperson department. Cuzz she is 25 yo with no Degree, she gave a wtf answer at Miss Intercontinental 2012 (Youtube search recommended) which means she is not so smart and focused in life, and that is a must nowadays. This is epic, we are witnesses to something beautiful and amazing, record changing. (NT) -- Vegas, 12/19/17 Tue You are fooling yourself Vegas. I almost dread it because this board will have a serious meltdown if she wins USA. Some folks may not feel the need to hype if there wasn't such obsessive bitterness on here about this young woman.