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The primary key column was auto populated by a sequence value.How should I get the last inserted records auto generated primary key?PUT_LINE('插入前'); Disp_dept_summary(); DBMS_UTILITY. EXEC_DDL_STATEMENT(' CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trig1 AFTER INSERT OR DELETE OR UPDATE OF sal ON emp BEGIN DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(''正在执行trig1 触发器…''); DELETE FROM dept_summary; INSERT INTO dept_summary(deptno, sal_sum, emp_count) SELECT deptno, SUM(sal), COUNT(*) FROM emp GROUP BY deptno; END; '); INSERT INTO dept(deptno, dname, loc) VALUES(90, ‘demo_dept’, ‘none_loc’); INSERT INTO emp(ename, deptno, empno, sal) VALUES(USER, 90, 9999, 3000); DBMS_OUTPUT.Prepared Statement prepare Statement = connection.prepare Statement("insert...", new String[] ); prepare Statement.execute Update(); Result Set generated Keys = prepare Generated Keys(); if (null != generated Keys && generated Keys.next()) The above code should give us auto generated primary key value.PUT_LINE('插入后'); Disp_dept_summary(); UPDATE emp SET sal = sal*1.1 WHERE deptno=90; DBMS_OUTPUT.

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NEXTVAL," " 'Harry', '[email protected]', '31-July-1980')"; // load oracle driver Name("driver.

This error means that a fetch has been attempted from a cursor which is no longer valid.

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