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From 1763 until 1960, Rio de Janeiro was Brazil's capital.

At this time, resources tended to be centered in Brazil's southeast region near Rio de Janeiro and most of its population was concentrated near to the Atlantic Coast.

In addition, there has been controversy with the monumental aspect of Lucio Costal's Plan, because it appeared to some as city planning of the 19th century and not that of a modern urbanism of the 20th century in Brazil.

An interesting analysis can be made of Brasilia within the context of Cold War politics and the association of Lucio Costa’s plan to the symbolism of aviation.

One of the main features of Costa's Plan was that he presented a new city with its future shape and patterns evident from the beginning.

This means that the original plan included paving streets that were not immediately put into use; the advantage of this is that the original plan is hard to undo because he provided for an entire street network, but on the other hand, is difficult to adapt and mold to other circumstances in the future.

According to legend, Italian saint Don Bosco in 1883 had a dream in which he described a futuristic city that roughly fitted Brasília's location.

This axis includes ministries, the national congress, and the television and radio tower.

The Residential Axis was intended to contain areas with intimate character and is considered the most important achievement of the plan; it was designed for housing and associated functions such as local commerce, schooling, recreations and churches, constituted of 96 superblocks (superquadra Costa's intention with superblocks was to have small self-contained and self-sufficient neighborhoods and uniform buildings with apartments of two or three different categories, where he envisioned the integration of upper and middle classes sharing the same residential area.

The plan was conceived in 1827 by José Bonifácio, an advisor to Emperor Pedro I.

He presented a plan to the General Assembly of Brazil for a new city called Brasília, with the idea of moving the capital westward from the heavily populated southeastern corridor.

From an architectural perspective, the airplane-shaped plan was certainly an homage to Le Corbusier and his enchantment with the aircraft as an architectural masterpiece.

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