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07-Jun-2018 02:14

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From hacking a locked phone to peeking in a forbidden closet, these women got way more than their wandering eyes bargained for.

Here are 12 confessions that might leave you trying to come up with a harder passcode for your phone. "So my boyfriend at the time got a new i Phone and we hooked it up to my Macbook to set it up.

In the process, we unknowingly had all of his pictures automatically syncing to my laptop when they were on the same Wi-Fi.

One day, I opened my laptop to about 25 pictures of different naked girls.

Lastly, I looked at his Facebook searches and found out he was searching for my best friend.

So, I checked his Facebook messages and found out they had been texting for months.

It says: "looking for" and you can put what you're looking for!!!!!

If you've ever let paranoia get the best of you and snooped on a partner, you're not alone.

"My ex boyfriend and I were together for four years.

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