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For example, when clicking the Edit button in an editable Grid View, the record's values are read from the database and displayed in Text Boxes and other Web controls. Later, after the user makes her changes and clicks the Update button, the original values plus the new values are sent to the Business Logic Layer, and then down to the Data Access Layer.

The Data Access Layer must issue a SQL statement that will only update the record if the original values that the user started editing are identical to the values still in the database. Figure 2: For the Update or Delete to Succeed, the Original Values Must Be Equal to the Current Database Values (Click to view full-size image) There are various approaches to implementing optimistic concurrency (see Peter A.

Jisun's changes to the product name have been overwritten.

Figure 1 graphically depicts this series of events.

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When using optimistic concurrency, the DB direct method overloads that accept Data Rows and Data Tables rather than scalar values) must be changed as well.

Note We won't look at pessimistic concurrency examples in this tutorial series.

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